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MomBloggersPlanet Cutest Baby with BOTTLE Contest

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1x First Prize
  • One Medium Landscape Hardcover or Medium Portrait Hardcover Photobooks by PhotoBook Malaysia (worth RM144)
  • One bag of his/her choice from AliceWonders (worth from RM50-RM200)

1x Second Prize

  • One Medium Portrait Softcover or Medium Portrait Classic Softcover by PhotoBook Malaysia (worth RM80)

1x Third Prize

  • One Large Landscape Poster by PhotoBook Malaysia (worth RM68)

3x Consolation Prize

  • One PurseHook from AliceWonders (worth RM20)

The First and Second Prize winners will be automatically qualified for the 2009 Cutest Baby of the Planet contest (will be held on January 2010 with more great prizes).

It’s easy to enter.

Every month, we will have a different exciting theme for this contest. You just need to dig into your baby’s photo collection and find a photo that best suit the theme. And, if you don’t have one, go grab your camera and shot a nice photo now!

September 09 theme is “Cutest Baby with BOTTLE“.

This time Photobucket entry for Princess Mia..

My little princess ni tak suka mengunakan bottle..she prefer berlapar dari minum milk dlm bottle ..but sometimes bile dah lapar sesgt..dia minum gak..sebab nak tunggu sy balik dari keje petang..kekadang tak sempat sampai umah..dlm keta dia dah mintak Photobucket..sebab nak masuk contest ni terpaksa la dia beraksi tuk mama dia snap picture semasa dia minum air dlm bottle..”OMG" cute giler dia beraksi dengan bottle..today mia genap 4 bulan..

Photobucketalahai Photobucket..chomey nye anak mama ni Photobucket

PhotobucketPrincess wit ming ming (itik kuning)Photobucket

PhotobucketPhotobucketMia Aisy Syafiah Bin Ainul HezrinPhotobucketPhotobucket
PhotobucketPhotobucket8 May 2009PhotobucketPhotobucket

Her first milk of coz la.. susu ibu love..saya breast feed mia sampai sekarang..susu formula hanya diberi if my breast milk in the bottle habis dibekalkan..susu formula yang saya beri tuk mia beza dari abangnye..first time dia minum masa umur dia 3 bulan..and first try was susu brand Dutch Lady for 0-12 monthPhotobucket..alhamdulillah mia serasi..tuk ibu² yang first time nak bg baby mereka susu formula Photobucket bile first time cuba make sure ikut sukatan yang betulPhotobucket..jika baby anda tak buang air besar Photobucket jgn terus tukar susu..atau lebihkan air sukatan..adalah baiknye beri anak anda air kosong yg banyak Photobucket..kalau tak serasi seperti rashes..mcm tu kena tukar susu atau better berjumpa dengan doktor Photobucket..coz sometimes ada baby yg alergi dgn laktosa..dan bottle plak kena la rajin tukar setiap 2 bulan sekali..walaupun each time kite steril bottle B4 every use..sebab kuman kan Photobucket bukan kite nampak pun Photobucket..mcm kat bawah ni Photobucket the same tips yang sy pernah mention dlm entry aiman..ihikhikhehehehe..dan sy selalu amalkankenyit..

Tips for ibu² yg bg anak susu didlm bottle
PhotobucketHold your baby close and make sure the teat is always filled (mengurangkan angin masuk kedalam perut..takut kembung perut..)
PhotobucketAlways remove the teat out from baby mouth..bile sides stick together and prevent a good flow
PhotobucketJangan biarkan baby anda minun susu tanpa pemerhatian.(adalah tidak digalakkan minum susu didalam buai..)
PhotobucketPastikan semua bottle dah di steril sebelum digunakan (mencegah dari jangkitan kuman).
PhotobucketMake sure you test the milk B4 you give to the baby by shaking a drop or two onto your wrist or the back of your hand. takut panas sgt kang melecur lidah baby..
PhotobucketAlways burping your baby after feeding.

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